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Dear Friend,

There are certain things you can do to instantly grab the attention of your visitors. Or to guide their attention into a certain area of a page, like the order button, or an important benefit. Here is an example....

Below, what catches your attention more, example 1 (no graphic), example 2 (static graphic), or example 3 (animated graphic)?

Example 1: I want to guide your attention to this area of the page because it has an important point I want to make.

Example 2: I want to guide your attention to this area of the page because it has an important point I want to make.

Example 3: I want to guide your attention to this area of the page because it has an important point I want to make.

I'm sure you agree, the third example catches attention much better than the first and second one.

Of course you can bold your text, use headlines, or static graphics to grab attention. But simple animated elements work much better.

You don't want to use these animated graphics all over your page. That will just distract your visitors, and defeat the whole purpose of these graphics, which is to grab attention and increase conversions.

But if you use them sparingly, in one or two main places of your site, they WILL work, and they WILL grab your visitors attention and guide them to where you want them to go.

I've seen some marketers use these graphics on their sites, and I know they grabbed my attention. And I've seen them used outside of "Internet Marketing", on more general sites. They work quite well, if done right, and used sparingly without overwhelming the visitor.

But I've never seen a quality package of these graphics offered before, so I decided to create one myself.

I've put together a collection of over 1,000 brand new, high quality, professional animated web graphics that you can simply copy and paste into your websites and blogs.

These aren't some crazy over the top animations, but simple designs created with a simple purpose: to catch attention and guide visitors to a certain area of a page, without distracting and overwhelming the visitor.

These graphics are all formatted nicely and ready to go. And I'm throwing in all the source files, so you can create your own variations of all of these graphics.

No design skills required.

No special software required (except for the source files).

No big designer fees.

Since these graphics are already pre-made and pre-formatted, it literally takes just a few minutes to stick them into your website. And they're really high quality and polished, so you WILL actually want to use them in your site.

Take a look at these graphics for yourself...

Some samples of the
animated graphics in this package...

As you can see, these are really professional graphics. They were all designed by a real graphics pro who charges up to $100 an hour for custom work. This is really high quality stuff. So you can actually feel good about putting these graphics on your site.

Here is a short video
showing this package in action....

Exactly what you get
with this package....

This package consists of 2 parts: 1) Transparent GIF files, and 2) Source PSD files.

For the transparent GIF files you don't need any special software. Just add them to your site like you would any other images. And since they're "transparent GIFs" they can be used on any color background (white, black, yellow, whatever).

These GIF files come in different styles, colors and sizes. You will also get different wording for the "call to action" buttons and text like: "Order Now", "Join Now", "Add To Cart", "Click Here", etc.. Most graphics come with 10 or more variations. So you get tons of variety.

And in case you want even more variety, you also get full source files to all of these graphics. So you can change the colors, styles, sizes, text, animation speeds, etc.. Everything is customizable, so you can create your own unique variations of these graphics to suit your needs.

And, it's super easy to customize these graphics. All of the animations and layers are in place, so you just have to change one or two lines of text, or add a new style to a button, and the whole graphic and all the layers get updated automatically. It literally takes just a few seconds or minutes. So you can easily create hundreds or thousands more variations of these graphics.

This is a very easy to use and highly customizable package. If you want you can just stick these graphics into your websites, as is. They're already formatted and ready to go. Or if you want, you can play around with the source files and create your own unique variations to perfectly suit your own needs.

Okay, so now you must be wondering...

How much is all this?

There are over 1,000 high quality animated graphics with source files in this packages. To hire a designer to create that much graphics for you would cost a fortune. But I want to make this package affordable to most people, so I came up with a fair price of........



$47 Only!

$27 Only $23.00

But don't let the low price fool you. This is a top notch product that is easily worth hundreds of dollars in saved designer fees. And I just might raise the price in the future. So if you're interested, grab this awesome package right now for the low price above.

Hope you see the value in this offer and will give this product a try. To place your order click on the link below.

P.S. The graphics in this package come in transparent GIF format. You don't need any special software, just add them to your site like you would any other images.

P.P.S. With this package you will also get the source PSD files for these graphics. To work with these source files you'll need Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements or Adobe Image Ready (which comes with Photoshop). You don't need Photoshop for the GIF files, but you do for these source files.

*Works on both PC and Mac