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12 Ways To make Money Online!

There are thousands of ways to make money online.

My way is NOT the only way.

Being able to follow a blueprint is great, but I also want you to be able to create your own blueprint when the lessons are over.

I want you to see the big picture so that you can look at my business model in the proper context.

Avoid the “bright shiny objects” and focus on one opportunity at a time.

Some ways to make money online include:

• 1) Ebay/Amazon - Selling your own products or others products (Read More)

• 2) Info products - People love information (Read More)

• 3) Digital products - Selling MRR Products (Read More) (Read More) or Selling PLR Products (Read More)

• 4) Physical products - The physical product options (Read More) (Read More)

• 5) Affiliate marketing - Going the affiliate path (Read More)

• 6) Work from home jobs - (Read More) (Read More)

• 7] Coaching - Yes You Can Coach (Read More) or spiritual guiding (Read More)

• 8) Education - Offering Online Training Courses (Read More) or try this (Read More)

• 9) Web hosting – Be a web hosting reseller - (Read More)

• 10) Membership site - A Simple Membership Solution (Read More) or DIY (Read More)

• 11) Domainer - Buy/Sell Domains (Read More)

• 12) Freelancer - Selling A Service (Read More) or (Read More)

• (This is by no means an exhaustive list)

Take Action step:

Your action step today is optional. And it’s simple:

1) look around and see how big the picture is, and how numerous the opportunities are.

If you want to look around and see what else is out there, now is the time... I want you to commit to following through and finishing it, because if you don’t finish it you won’t succeed with it.

Now IF you do go out and research some of the opportunities I’ve just mentioned, remember what I said don’t buy stuff unless you know what you’re doing!

I know this goes against the grain of what most marketers would do in my situation. I should be reeling you in and hooking you on my own idea. But I don’t want to do that. I want you to understand the scope of opportunity out there, and then choose to follow my lessons because you WANT to. Not just because you feel like its your only option. And if you’re confident in your decision to follow my blueprint, you’ll be much more focused, and you’ll be more likely to stay the course.

Have yourself a fantastic day
David Railey

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